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Bevio (alternate)
Afbeelding2 024
Element Iron
Powers Iron, Dimension Travel
Kanohi Avohkii
Tools Blades
Status Alive
Location Unknown
Pronunciation Bee-Vii-o

Alternate Bevio is a Toa of Iron from a dimension where the Doom Event succeeded, and is therefore one of the only survivors left.


This Bevio is from a dimension where "Clawkiller " was never exiled and was still living with them. The tribe had settled in Metru Nui, where "Clawkiller" and Bevio were imprisoned during the Great Cataclysm together with the other Matoran. When the Toa Mata arrived on Mata Nui, Teridax gave them a warning by killing "Clawkiller". Bevio, learned of this and secretly attacked the Brotherhood together with Venom after they returned to Metr Nui. This made them attack the Toa, betraying Teridax's plans. The Toa and Makuta started to kill eachother, until there were 3 Toa left: Bevio, Tuyet and Venom, who became a Toa in this dimension. On the Makuta's side, only Teridax was left. The trio attacked Teridax, only for him to kill Venom. Bevio joined the Order of Mata Nui, only to steal their technology to create a Kanohi Olmak shaped like an grey Avohkii. Before the Order could stop him, he replaced his mask with the grey Avohkii and transported to a different dimension. He joined the Order again, only to find out that, in this dimension "Clawkiller" got banished and Bevio was a Toa of Shadow. Later, on Spherus Magna, Venom fought him. He walked away. He was later seen when he left to save Bevio before anyone else had the chance, believing "Clawkiller". He helped take down Ulthurak. At Clawkiller's funeral, he suggested that Bevio would use the Mask of Time to undo this all, so they could prevent many from dieing. However, after Bevio left, he kidnapped Rans and Xerd, two of Clawkiller's friends. He brought them to Vezon II, so that they could battle. During the battle, he fled, leaving his fate unknown.

Abilities and traitsEdit


He has the same powers as Bevio, but stronger. He can also travel through dimensions at will.

Mask and toolsEdit

As a Matoran and Toa in his dimension he wore the Kanohi Tryna, but as of going to the main dimension, he wears an Avohkii with the powers of an Olmak. He uses 2 swords and a skyboard. He also has a cape.


He is very calm and mysterious, unlike the main Bevio.

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