The Bionicle MOC Battle Wiki is a Wiki about everything related to BIONICLE MOC Battles. The Wiki was originally created by ToaInfinity due to the large amount of MOC Battles on the Custom Bionicles Wiki.

Creation Edit

The Wiki was created by ToaInfinity due to the growing number of MOC Battles on the Custom Bionicles Wiki. The Wiki was left abandoned for a few days, until ToaInfinity invited ToaFairon to join the wiki. ToaFairon quickly helped start up the wiki and set up the major voting pages such as Featured Users and Featured MOCs. Varkanax39 and TheSlicer joined soon after. ThatDevilGuy joined later and the site began to grow with four new administrators.

But now no administrators will be made, because of the already large amount of administrators present on the wiki.

Current Edit

As of now, the Wiki is left silent, and only a few users (ToaFairon, ThatDevilGuy, and a few others) are still editing, while everyone else is inactive most of the time. Few new members have joined the wiki since announcing that no new administrators will be made.

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