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Element Rock
Status Alive
Location Prison
Pronunciation I-old

Eold is a Stone Matoran who has lost faith in Mata Nui, and has become friends with J , until his capture.


Eold is a Stone Matoran who always looked up to Mata Nui and always honored him as much as he could. One day, Makuta Onye attacked the island with some Rahkshi, wiping out everyone except Eold. Worse, he crushed Eold's hope by saying :'Where's your Great Spirit now?'. After realizing he was right, he stopped honoring Mata Nui. He joined the Brotherhood of Makuta, only to steal their plans in the process. He traveled to the Dark Hunters and joined them, betraying the Brotherhood. He gave them the plans. Here, he met J and became his partner. Some time later, he escaped to Bara Magna when Teridax was attacking the planet. He found Ulthurak and faked he wanted to join. He stole the Doom Event's plans and gave them to J, who found a weak spot in the plan. Eold had to stay behind, but Eold secretly joined the Matoran/Agori Army. He later tried to betray them to J, but he was captured by Vezon's Clone. He is currently in prison, slowly being overtaken by a black sludge with a voice he heard somewhere.

Abilities and traitsEdit


Eold has limited powers over Stone

Mask and toolsEdit

Eold wears the Kanohi Komau, Mask of Mind Control, but cannot use it as he is a Matoran. He also has a jetpack and 2 blades.


He is very traitorous, turning his back on anyone he can, except J, in which he sees a friend.

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