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Afbeelding 233
Status Deceased
Location Unknown
Pronunciation N/A

Flakorax is a crazy Makuta scientist, who is sceptical about every Makuta leader. He is Ferax's friend, and dies during the Doom Event by Kleg blowing him up.


Flakorax is a rogue Makuta who experimented on himself. Because of this, he cannot shape-shift anymore. He is a good friend of Ferax, and is also loyal to Rokax, just like Ferax. He escaped Teridax's attack and tried to avenge his fallen brothers, but was too late and escaped the robot. He was attacked by the Skakdi Group, but easily defeated his opponent. He and Ferax then decided to go and aid Rokax. He attacked the Toa/Glatorian Army, only to get blown up by Kleg.

Abilities and traitsEdit


He had complete control over Shadow. He possessed all Kraata Powers. He also had enhanched strength and can fly. He also was able to shoot out his elemental powers out of his chest, shaped like a Zamor Launcher.

Mask and toolsEdit

He wore a Kanohi Matatu, Mask of Telekenesis. He also had a claw and a powerless staff.


He was smart and a little crazy, but loyal to Rokax.

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