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Giant drone
Group guardians of temple of prophecy
Occupation guard
Element N/A
Powers Strength, small earthquake
Tools N/A
Status Deceased
Location Tarat Nui
Pronunciation N/A

"What do you think is the biggest deaed body you saw? I think this might be the biggest one, rookie."

-Toa Kadoc, to Toa Istren while Battle of the prophecy and the giant

Giant drone was a robot which was built by matorans of Tarat nui, to guard the great temple of prophecy. Later, Makuta Komaka destroyed its heart by melting it. Then, the robot was dead, and has been staying there for hundred years, until Istren used his Tryna to control it to fight Makuta Komaka. After the fight, It was moved to the shore, to take the iron parts from it and use it for the matorans.

Abilities and traitsEdit


Giant Drone was a huge iron machine which was programmed to smash everything except toa, matoran, and turaga which entered the temple of prophecy. Giant Drone was able to make an earthquake when it smashed the ground with it's fists. Also, It was able to blast an energy wave that would make the protosteel weaker, just in case of enemies with protosteel weapons.

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