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Afbeelding2 030
Mutant Toa/Rahi
Element Magnetism
Status Alive
Location Unknown
Pronunciation N/A

J was once a Toa of Magnetism , but has been mutated into a monster Rahi. He is the kind of guy who thinks he's better then all the rest. He is usually accompanied by a Matoran named Eold.


J was Toa of Magnetism who was sent to the Pit for killing his team leader after an argument about koining the Makuta. J became horribly mutated, and even changed color. He became a water dragon-like being. He escaped when Voya Nui crashed into the Pit. He later joined the Dark Hunters, who thought J was a good associate and sent him to dangerous missions to constantly test him. They did not know he had the power to steal a Toa's life-energy, until Makuta Teridax took over the Matoran Universe. He then killed some Toa who were battling Rahkshi. He fled later because he did not agree with The Shadowed One's plans to join forces with Pridak. He found Gord and his team, and secretly let Gord join the Dark Hunters. He later saved a Matoran called Eold who was under attack by Toa, who found out he used to work for the Brotherhood. After seeing J's talent, Eold decided to travel with him. They later escaped the robot after Teridax died and forced a village to let them live there. They heard of the Doom Event. When Eold wanted to join the Matoran/Agori Army, J discovered something and insisted Eold to stay, stating they would survive. He later joined the Rahi Army, because he discovered the next part of the Doom Event. He told Eold to stay behind, although he secretly joined the Matoran/Agori Army. J secretly watched the things happening at the Black Spike Mountains, and after learning Eold is locked up, he disappears, leaving his fate unknown.

Abilities and traitsEdit


He has the power to make Protosteel objects come to him, because of his Magnetic powers were enhanched after mutating. He has the power to steal a Toa or former Toa's life-energy, killing his victims instantly. He can speak to Rahi and fly. He also can use laser vision.

Mask and toolsEdit

J wore the Kanohi Rode, the Mask of Truth and wielded a Claw Staff. After mutating he did not have a mask and lost his mask power. He lost his staff and gained claws, a big jaw and a tail. After migrating to Spherus Magna, he stole 2 Thornax Launchers.


He was calm, realizing he would never return to the Toa he once was. He never treats his minions with respect, seeing them as inferior beings.


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