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Afbeelding 230
Powers Shadow
Status Deceased
Location Unnui
Pronunciation Klek

Kleg is a kind-hearted Makuta who became an Order Member. He joined the Toa/Glatorian Army, and sacrificed himself to kill Ferax and Flakorax.


Kleg was once a Makuta who enjoyed the good side. When Teridax overthrew Miserix, Kleg did not join him, but fled to the Order of Mata Nui and joined them. Later, he freaked out when Teridax took over the Matoran Universe, until Helryx calmed him down. Again later, he fought off the Rahkshi and migrated to Spherus Magna after Teridax's death. He was seen when the Order was assembling to attack Chill and Ulthurak. He untimately sacrificed himself by using a bomb to blow up himself, Makuta Ferax and Makuta Flakorax.



Kleg had all Rahkshi powers and control over Shadow.

Mask and toolsEdit

Kleg wore a Kanohi Shelek, Mask of Silence. He had a sword


Peaceful, but afraid of death. You couldn't trust him in life-dangerous missions, except his last.

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