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Afbeelding2 004
Element Jungle
Kanohi Helmet
Tools Knife, Claw
Status Alive
Location Agori Village
Pronunciation Lun-Gue

Lunge, AKA the next generation Clawkiller, is a Jungle Agori who was saved by Clawkiller . He has become his best friend, and was devestated when Clawkiller died. He did become the next Clawkiller.


Lunge is a young Agori who lives in the Jungle Tribe and is best friends with Xard. He was first seen when a Rahkshi of Heat Vision was attacking him. Clawkiller then saved him. Since then, Lunge stayed with Clawkiller and became his sidekick, together with Xard. He obtained 2 jetpacks and started by joining the Matoran/Agori Army. He took over command when Clawkiller left and led the army to victory. He was seen at Clawkiller's funeral. He is later seen with N when trying to find Medrax.

Abilities and traitsEdit


Lunge doesn't have any powers

Mask and toolsEdit

Lunge wears an upside-down Kanohi Kualsi, which he found somewhere. He also has twin jet pawks and a sword.

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