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Afbeelding 224
Element Air
Powers Air/Plantlife/Jungle
Tools Sword, Poison Knife, Claw
Status Alive
Location MultiPalace
Pronunciation Mii-gi

Migi is an insane Toa of Air who has tremendous powers due to the Brotherhood. He is usually alone, planning his next massacre.


Migi was once a Matoran of Air who was captured by the Brotherhood of Makuta for experiments. He escaped later on and set off a number of bombs, almost destroying Bevio's cell, who was there at the time. The Order then picked him up from the sea, allying him and turning him into a Toa. However, during the transforming process, something went wrong and gave him too much power. Migi then went insane and escaped, taking 2 Toa as hostages, headed for the island Ulthurak was held. Once there, he noticed he was gone. He then got his sanity back due to the shock and used his powers to show what happened. He then went after Kiron and Garon, and found them near-death battling Rahkshi. When they both fainted, Migi saved them and captured them in a cave. When they woke up, they managed to defeat Migi. When the 2 hostages were freed, Migi forced them to leave. He then became insane again. He used his massive powers to destroy 3 islands of the Southern Continent, showing no limits while laughing maniacally. When Teridax attacked Bara Magna, he escaped and attacked the Skrall instead of the Toa. He wiped out most of them alone. When he witnessed Teridax die, all of his common sence he still had disappeard, making him a psychopath. He then traveled to the Black Spike Mountains, where he found Toa Kiron's team, and attacked them for revenge. However, Kiron managed to blast him at the Doom Event Machine..He did survive, and was transported along with the other Toa.

Abilities and traitsEdit


He had unlimited powers over Plantlife, Jungle, Air and even weather, and his abnormal strenght made him the strongest of all villains who were present at the Doom Event. He also controlled Shadows and could vaporize to show up again.

Mask and toolsEdit

He weared a Kanohi Miru, Mask of Levitation, which enabled him to fly. He also wielded 2 Poison knifes, sword and claw.


He was like, the Toa version of Vezon, only far more powerfull and evil, and not really a comedian. He blamed Kiron for his insane behavior.