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Mystery Matoran
Element Shadow, formerly Light
Kanohi Powerless Ignika
Tools Claws
Status Deceased
Location Unnui
Pronunciation M

Mysterious M is a Matoran who worshipped Clawkiller , and is very manupilative, even though he has a good heart.


Mysterious 'M' lived in a village on a southern island. One day, the island was under attack, but saved by Clawkiller. This made 'M' respect him, and he later trained to be like Clawkiller one day. But he got tired of it, and after an argument with the village elder and 'N', he left the village. He joined forces with the Skakdi Group, and raided the Southern Islands while looking for Clawkiller. Killing countless Makuta, he never quitted. One day, he was under attack by J, but got away. He then left for Metru Nui, where he met Beyond and 'N'. He fought Beyond, but lost. He was saved in time by the Skakdi Group. He gave away the honor of catching Beyond to 'N'. He disappeared for some time after that. After the Matoran/Agori Army left, he revealed himself to the village and left. He found 'N' in time and distracted Beyond long enough for 'N' to make a plan, although it costed 'M' his life.

Abilities and traitsEdit


'M' has no powers, although he can easily manipulate someone. It is believed he was a Shadow Matoran.

Mask and toolsEdit

'M' wore a helmet shaped like a Kanohi Ignika


Although corruptive and vile, he has a good heart, which he shows one last time by stalling time for 'N'

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