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Mysterious N
Status Alive
Location Unknown
Pronunciation N/A

Mysterious N is a Matoran who, just like M, was saved by Clawkiller, although he is very sceptical about Clawkiller's deeds.


Mysterious 'N' was once a nromal Matoran who lived on a southern island. One time, it was under attack, until it was saved by Clawkiller. Even though everyone respected Clawkiler, N was sceptical about the idea to worship a Matoran. He did, however, accept the training to surpass Clawkiller, along with Mysterious 'M', who would then become his greatest rival. N never really trusted Mysterious '???' in the first place, and trained his intellect more than his strength. Eventually, after Beyond and M, he left the island too, and sided with a Toa and hired a [[w:c:custombionicle:Bounty hunter Bounty Hunter]] to protect him. He set up his base in a cave, where he later conflicted with Beyond, although they both stopped without a battle. He later let both his allies go to be safe. He confronted 'M' and Beyond in Metru Nui, siding with the former. They defeated him with help from the Skakdi Group. N then brought Beyond to the Order and left. He resurfaced during the Matoran/Agori Army formation, revealing himself to Clawkiller without anyone else knowing about it. He later led Beyond to the Doom Event, and watched in horror how M was killed by him. Feeling emotion for the first time ever, he angrily took M's jetpack and threw it at Beyond, making him explode. He said so, by doing this, he 'honored his friend's sacrifice'. He later watched Clawkiller's funeral and became the new Clawkiller, albeit only to protect the Matoran in times of need. N watched Bevio leave and Alternate Bevio kidnap Rans and Xerd. He figured out what happened to Medrax. He is currently on his way to meet him.

Abilities and traitsEdit


Even though N has no powers, he has an intellectual mind as great as a Turaga, perhaps even greater.

Mask and toolsEdit

N has a Kanohi Eliki- Mask of Confusion. He has no tools, not even claws, but has, for some reason, human fingers with Rahi nails which serve as claws.


Always hiding his emotions until M's death, he is quite relaxed and silent. After M died, he became more like him to honor him. His character then resembled Clawkiller a little.

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