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Afbeelding 222
Status Alive
Location Unknown
Pronunciation N/A

Nugh is a Toa of Light who was transformed into his current state by the Order of Mata Nui.


Nugh was a Matoran of Light who was transformed by the Order. He was kidnapped by Migi during his escape, and was freed by Kiron and Garon . He then joined Kiron's team. Later, Migi forced them to leave the island, and the Toa went their seperate ways. Nugh was the last of the team to leave Teridax. He then almost fought Bevio, who appeared to be headed for Teridax himself. The Toa witnessed Teridax's death and decided to live as outcasts, since they thought nobody wanted them and elected Kiron as the group's leader. Kiron found the Black Spike Mountains being habited by Ulthurak and Chill. They found the power source for the Doom Event, but when they wanted to shut it down, Migi appeared to finish what he started. Kiron took him down, and the Toa were transported to an unknown place.

Abilities and traits</span>Edit


Nugh has full powers over Light

Mask and toolsEdit

He wears a Kanohi Kualsi, Mask of Quick-Travel, and carries a staff and a special Tri-Blade.


Although as quiet as his friend, he easily complains when he's hungry.

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