Ragle is a Hunter of an unknown species, looking like a Toa and a Makuta combined

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Ragle is a being of an unknown species who crashed into Destral shortly after Mata Nui left Bara Magna. He was recruited by Miserix. When Teridax took over, he fled, and joined the newly formed Order of Mata Nui. However, he disappeard on a mission. He returned when Teridax took over Mata Nui's body. He destroyed many Resistance places, allowing the Rahkshi to capture many Matoran. When he landed on Bara Magna, Ragle left the robot, and battled the Toa, until Teridax died. He fled again. He later resurfaced and joined the Toa/Glatorian Army, leaving many confused on who's side he's really on. He suddenly collapsed during the journey to the Black Spike Mountains, and when he woke up, he attacked a Toa and ran away. His fate is unknown.

Abilities and traitsEdit


Ragle's powers are undiscovered as of yet.

Mask and ToolsEdit

Ragle wears a Bronze Hau, and uses a sword and gun. He has wings, and swords as leg armor.


Mysteriously, as it is unknown who's side he's truly on.

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