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Afbeelding 216
Element Rock
Kanohi Kraakhan
Tools Dark Sword, Claws
Status Alive
Location Unknown
Pronunciation Ranz

Rans is an Agori from the Rock Tribe who left to become a scavenger, along with his friend, Xerd .


Rans is a Rock-Agori who left his tribe when Tuma gained power, because he was against his plans. He met a Zesk named Xerd, who has a quik temper. They quikly became friends and dwelled through the desert until Teridax landed. He met "Clawkiller" and scolded him for being a murderer. He then walked away. He is later seen when attempting to stop Chill, but is quikly tossed aside! He is seen again when the Order returned, saying Chill has been exterminated. He later joins the Matoran Army when he hears that Chill is alive. He later saw "Clawkiller" allieng with the Skakdi Group. He is later seen at Clawkiller's funeral. He is later kidnapped by Alternate Bevio and left behind with Vezon II.

Abilities and traitsEdit


He doesn't have these any powers.

Mask and toolsEdit

He wears the Kanohi Kraakhan, Mask of Shadows, which he found in a secret chamber of the Great Beings, although it is powerless. He also has Iron Claws and a sword.


He is very harsh, but honest and doesn't like when someone involves him in his plans.

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