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Toa Makutu
Toa makutu
Group Toa Tarat
Element ice
Powers poisonous spit, advanced hearing, Ice control
Kanohi kakama(fomerly)
Tools Ice crotor, hordika skyboard
Status Alive
Location Tarat Nui
Pronunciation N/A

"Feel the air! Flying is not that scary if you get used to it!"

-Toa Makutu, teaching toa Kadoc how to fly

Toa Makutu is a toa of ice, which was mutated into hordika while searching around Tarat nui with toa Tarat. Sadly, He wasn't cured, and became a permanent hordika. Then, his normal skyboard turned into hordika skyboard , changing its look, and making it harder to control. Toa Makutu uses his ice croter to fire Ice pillars and freeze enemies. Toa Makutu was able to spit poisonous liquid that could be used as weapon.

Early lifeEdit

Toa Makutu was a toa from the moment he was born, or made. He enjoyed talking with people and playing sports. He used to play koli with matorans of Ko-Tarat. When he went on a travel with the toa Tarat , he accidently falls into the hordika pit, and was caught by the visoraks. He was able to escape by other two toa coming down for rescue, but he became a permanent hordika.

Abilities and traitsEdit


Toa Makutu is able to control ice.

Mask and powerEdit

Toa Makutu used to have a kanohi kakama, but lost it when he mutated into hordika.


Toa Makutu is famous of his personalities. He would likely try to argue with people when his opinion is losing.