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Group None
Occupation Warrior
Element Light
Kanohi Hau
Status Alive
Location Primus Magna
Pronunciation Tow-rek

Torek was a Toa who was an extremely skilled warrior.


He lived on the planet of Primus Magna and was originally a Matoran of ice. He was a great worker and helped to transport products around parts of the planet. Torek was drafted into the Primus Magna Military, where he endured brutal training and tasks. He was made into a Toa and continued to serve the military for many years.

One day, a tyrant named Antarus appeared on Primus Magna and kidnapped Torek, along with many Toa, to compete in a large event known as Challenger. Torek was informed that every contestant would be placed in an environment and fight to the death, along with survive harsh conditions of the selected location. The contestants in Challenger also had a chip inserted into them that would detonate if they escaped or disobeyed.

Torek ranked high among the contestants, placing well in every battle that he took part in. When illegal alliances began to form, Torek joined a group called Whiteout Faction, consisting of many skilled assassins and warriors. Antarus discovered the alliances that were made, and he canceled the final Challenger champion round. Instead of holding the competition, he detonated the chips of weaker warriors and watched them die. Torek didn't experience this; instead, he was gathered with the remaining contestants. Antarus decided to mutilate them in a fierce battle. Many of Torek's companions were killed.

Antarus was extremely powerful and almost impossible to kill. It is thought that he escaped, but his wherabouts are unknown.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

Torek has the element of ice, so he can control anything related to his element. His kanohi allows him to control shielding, as he wears the Hau. His double longsword is made of reinforced protosteel. It is able to shoot shards of ice and freeze things on contact.


  • Torek was originally made for a MOC contest on another wiki. He has since been turned into a character.
  • Torek was going to be a Toa of Light, but the idea was scrapped.