The Turaga is the one responsible for banishing Heart , who later became Clawkiller. This backfired on him, as Clawkiller killed him 5 years later. He returns in Bonds Beyond Reality

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The Turaga himself


He was once a Toa of Iron who fulfilled his destiny and became a Turaga who watched over his village. He let the Matoran train to prepare for danger, although one lazy Matoran kept refusing: Heart! After they lost their island to Makuta Chirox, the Turaga blamed Heart and banished him to Voya Nui. He and the tribe then left for Metru Nui, where they lived in peace for 5 years. They them met "Clawkiller", who avenges himself by killing the defensless Turaga without mercy. The Turaga reappears in a vision of Clawkiller, explaining why he banished him.

Abilities and traitsEdit


As a Toa, he had all the powers of a Toa of Iron. As a Turaga, he did not have any powers.

Mask and toolsEdit

As a Toa and a Turaga, he had a Kanohi Ruru, Mask of Night Vision. As a Toa, he wielded a Earth Staff and a shield. As a Turaga, he has a small staff and a small shield which was destroyed when "Clawkiller" attacked him.


As a Turaga, he did what was best for his tribe, although this resulted in his death.

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