Lord Spork

  • I live in Australia
  • I was born on March 14
  • I am male

A little about me...Edit

I have been a bionicle fan for as long as I can remember, From my younger age I can recall my brothers running around with all kinds of toa in their disposal. I see bionical as a way of life, not as a dead series.

My first bionicle was Vorahk, [the black rahkshi] which I loved and still keep in great esteem today. I can't say my bionicle collection is large is comparison to the number I have seen them before but I definitely know each of them well. When I was less then seven I had a name for each of them until I discovered they were already named.

I am a very strong believer in bionicles return. I have posted all around the world of how bionicle is the rightful king of lego and deserves to have it's crown returned and so you could call me a spammer for justice. Although I might add my comments have facts appose to random nonsense of past memories. I have many people behind me with what I say of bionicle as, I am trusted with my opinion.

Now for Hero FactoryEdit

I despise Hero Factory and everything in it. I refuse to buy any of it's items although have investigated figures bought by others I know. Hero Factory in my opinion is poorly made, inflexible and unimagined and I hate is with my whole heart. I am sorry I just needed to get that out, I just hate it so much.

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