• ThatDevilGuy

    Hello! I've contacted Wikia about making a the new namespace we all agreed on, "Roleplay:", but there's a few more things we need to decide.

    1. Should the pages in this new namespace be included in the wiki's page count, and in the "Random page" function?
    2. If so, then we need to know that this should be marked as a "content namespace".
    3. Should the pages in be reachable through the wiki's search box?

    And something else we must do; make sure that any page starting in "Roleplay:" does not yet exist.

    A simple yes/no answer will be sufficient. :)

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  • ThatDevilGuy


    March 9, 2011 by ThatDevilGuy

    Finally, this wiki has had a surge in activity. A surge, that I feel, it deserves. All the hard work by TI on the main page, all my hard work on some MediaWiki and coding things, all Fairon's MediaWiki skills he used in the early days, and Varkie's uhh, maintaining skills. :)

    I ask you all to stay, please. And one rule, that if you break, you receive a permanent block: Have fun!

    So guys. It's been a while. TI is back. Again. He's remodeled the main page. Again. Varkie and I have decided to bring the wiki back from the brink of death. Again. Fairon is around here somewhere. No idea where. But anyways, BMBW is back, and better than ever! :D
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