OK, so many users have reported that when they've tried to save pages, they are unable to save and receive an error message. Investigating this, I found that it is an error with the category galleries, the new wikia feature that launched last week. If you create a page with categories, you will receive an error message, and if you try to add categories later, a message appears saying the database is locked.

While on Custom Bionicles, the error message will not appear, and I am able to add categories normally.Hopefully this will be fixed soon here. For now, when you create pages, do not add categories to the page, and don't add categories after you've first saved the page. I will update this blog when the problem is fixed.

UPDATE: The error message only appears on certain pages. Try editing the Eternal Game and adding categories, and you'll receive the error message. The problem has spread to CBW as well. Varkanax39

UPDATE: I've contacted wikia staff and sent screenshots of the problem to them. It has yet to be fixed, but I'm hoping soon it will be. I have one more thing to try...

UPDATE: The problem is fixed.

I have locked commenting, as the problem has been resolved.
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