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Mutant Toa
Element Air
Powers Air
Status Alive
Location Great Village
Pronunciation Vee-nom

Gracia, AKA as Venom, is a Mutant Toa with animal powers.


Venom was once a Matoran of Air who lived in the same village as Bevio and "Clawkiller". She witnessed the death of the Turaga and fled. She returned to the Island of Visorak, only to be mutated into a monstrous Insect-Toa. She blamed Bevio for this, as they made a deal. They would both return to the island to start a happy life. He never came, due to being captured by the Makuta. Venom did not know this, and she wanted to have her revenge. Desperate, after 1.000 years, she joined the Order of Mata Nui to find him. She wanted to fight him when Bevio attacked, but was too late and saw him leaving after Teridax took over the Matoran Universe. She then battled Rahkshi and Skakdi until Teridax died. She then helped take down Chill, although he survived. She then finally met Bevio and fought him, with Venom being the victor. She did not kill him, because she is an Order member now. She later helped "Clawkiller" convince the villages that Chill is still alive, being the first to believe him. Afterwards, she decided to lead the Rahi Army and met Makuta Spine on the way, who tried to win the Rahi over to his side. The Rahi declared they needed to battle, and the winner will lead them, so Venom started battling Spine and won. Spine attacked, but was killed by Medrax from a distance. The army arrived at the Black Spike Mountains and battled Ulthurak, until he brought them all down. Before he could kill them, Bevio attacked him, together with the Toa Army, and killed him, saving Venom and the Rahi. Venom later attended at Clawkiller's funeral and was the last to see Bevio before he left. Venom also declined the offer of returning to her old self again, feeling the Rahi needed her.

Abilities and traitsEdit


She has the power to make spider webs, channel air powers through her staff and fly. She can also climb up walls. She can also briefly control someone's mind for 5 minutes and talk to Rahi.

Mask and toolsEdit

As a Matoran, she weared a Kanohi Komau, Mask of Mind Control. She had a knife which she used to defend herself from Rahi. As a Mutant, she had no mask, but still the power of her previous mask, but she couldn't use it until she trained in the Order. She has a Nynrah Ghost Blaster and a Tornado Staff.


She was kind as a Matoran, and the exact opposite after mutation, at least until she beat Bevio in a fair fight. After this, she became her old self again.


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