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Vezon II
Afbeelding 218
Status Alive
Location Unknown
Pronunciation N/A

Vezon II is a clone created by the Brotherhood, but he escaped. His motives change from time to time.


This Vezon is actually a clone, created by Makuta Medrax. The clone escaped his lab and then started roaming through islands for food. When Teridax took over, Vezon joined the Dark Hunters and later escaped the crumbling robot after Teridax's death. He then went into hiding. During his time with the Dark Hunters, he met Gord and befriended him. He later ran away on his own when the Dark Hunters moved their base. After escaping the Matoran Universe, he witnessed Chill getting out off the cliff he semmingly died in. He warned "Clawkiller", although he did not believe him. Vezon, furious, walked away, saying that he would not come to help if Chill would strike. He later saw Gord and his Skakdi group attack Makuta Rokax's minions, and juwt went on ahead without them. He then found "Clawkiller" and his army, who were on their way to save Bevio. He asked Clawkiller for water, and Lunge gave him some. He joined the army, admitting he was a clone, and said that 'we have to die some day'. He gave the finishing blow to Ulthurak. He was seen at Clawkiller's funeral. He left the village to find treasures. He was later found in the desert when he captured an Agori. Rans and Xerd defeated him, and he ran away.

Abilities and traitsEdit


Vezon does not have any powers on his own.

Mask and toolsEdit

Vezon does not have a mask, but his weapons differ from the original. He uses 2 different claws and a bomb he attached to his armor.


Just like the original, Vezon is insane, altough not as insane as the former. He also cares for Gord, although, when given the chance, he would do whatever he likes instead of helping him.