These Agori are Agori who have connections to the main characters, but don't have very big roles themselves; until the final Arc

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Clash, in the middle.


Clash is an Rock Agori salesman who used to sell weapons to the Skrall and has the power to see into the future. When Mata Nui triumphed over Tuma, he fled into the deserts and found Shena. He told her about the Doom Event which would take place. Shena then left. He later kidnapped Slumc

Slumc is a Water Agori who is easy scared and isn't as brave as most Agori. He is first seen when Teridax dies. He is seen when he spots Ulthurak and his minions hiding, but is too scared to warn the rest. He is later seen hiding when Chill and Ulthurak attack the city and reveal the Doom Event. Slumc is against the idea of an army and does not join them. After the army left, he starts to feel guilty and decides to take a vehicle and go after them. He took a short cut only he knew of. He arrived at the scene and witnessed Clawkiller's sacrifice. However, on his way back, he got kidnapped by Clash.

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Greyd is a weapon- and helmet maker, who is the best, according ot the villagers. He thinks very low of himself, although everyone buys weapons in his store, except Skrall, for those are not allowed in his store. To make sure they don't steal, he has a special paralyzing weapon. He was first seen when the Agori witnessed Teridax's death. He is later seen when Rans askes him to make weapons for the armies. He makes alot of weapons and watches them leave.

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Abilities and traitsEdit


None of them have powers