Wave is a veteran Glatorian from Tajun, who is friends with Romoa, a rookie from the Jungle Tribe.

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Wave fought for the Element Lord of Water in the Core War on Bara Magna as a field comander and later joined the Water Tribe after fighting in the war and ended up on Bara Magna. He then started to fight for the Water Tribe and Jungle Tribe only, not accepting any other Tribe requests. He later becomes friends with a rookie from the Jungle Tribe, Romoa. After finding Exold, Wave kept encouraging Romoa to stay and complete the training. Afterwards, Wave talked to Romoa so he would attack the Skrall too. After the Rahkshi attack, he joined the Glatorian Army and helped take down Ulthurak. He is later seen watching Romoa and Exold train.

Abilities and traitsEdit


Wave has no powers, as he never met Mata Nui

Mask and toolsEdit

Wave has a Harpoon Sword and a stronger version of the Thornax Launcher.


He is kind, but is stubborn and never gets back on his decisions.

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