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Element Water
Tools Blades
Status Alive
Location Agori Village
Pronunciation Iks-arde

Xard is a young Agori from Tajun who is best friends with Lunge .


Xard is a young Agori from the Water Tribe. She likes adventures and is not easily bored. She is best friends with Lunge and upon learning Lunge wanted to join "Clawkiller", she decided to do the same. She joined the Matoran/Army, and later attended at Clawkiller's funeral. She has not been seen since.

Abilities and traitsEdit


Xard has no powers

Mask and ToolsEdit

She wears a Kanohi Faxon, Mask of Kindred. Unlike most Agori, she is able to use it's powers, although they're limited. She has 2 swords and a fake wing she made to fly.


Brave and adventurous, she is almost like a Glatorian should be. She has many friends and is honest, although, if angered, not even a Bone Hunter can win.

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