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Afbeelding 217
Element Sand
Powers Speech
Kanohi Helmet
Tools Tail Blade
Status Alive
Location Unknown
Pronunciation Iks-erd

Xerd is a quick-tempered Zesk who accompanies Rans, a Rock Agori.


Xerd is a Zesk who walks on two legs and Rans on his hunting. Befriending him, he left the Sand Tribe before they found out. He traveled together with Rans. He then met Clawkiller when Teridax landed and, like Rans, refused to help the Glatorian. He is later seen when he tries to attack a Glatorian who scolded him, but is stopped by an attacking Chill. Xerd tried to take him down, but stopped his attack in time. He is seen again when the Order declared Chill dead. After learning this wasn't, he joined the Agori/Matoran Army. After watching "Clawkiller" making new allies, he was attacked by a Toa, but Rans defended him. Xerd was later kidnapped by Alternate Bevio and left behind with Vezon II.

Abilities and traitsEdit


Like all Zesk, he possessed enhanced senses and particularly sight and smell. Rans also mentioned he is powerful enough to take down a Glatorian in combat.

Mask and ToolsEdit

Like all Zesk, he wears a powerless helmet and has a stinger tail.


He is very calm for a Zesk, but is easily enraged and attacks without thinking.

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